Building a union with another person and committing to each other is one of the most significant decisions we make in our lives. Often, we start planning the wedding day without taking the time to discuss or even think about our future married lives, values, beliefs, and the obstacles we might encounter. We wanted to create an alternative to the existing, often religious, courses. We pride ourselves on the fact that our program is developed from everyday experiences of working therapeutically with various couples, making it practical and engaging. Our intention is to create a space for couples to pause during the often very stressful times of wedding preparation, connect with one another, reflect on their journey together, and create plans for the future.

By attending our course you will have a chance to:
  • Gain evidence-based knowledge about what a good marriage means and what might influence your relationship satisfaction in the years to come.
  • Participate in engaging presentations and practical exercises, enhancing your friendship, closeness, and building intimacy.
  • Benefit from our one-to-two approach, which guarantees that all your questions will be answered and suggestions tailored to your individual needs.
  • Enjoy a flexible course structure, allowing us to adjust the content to address topics that are most interesting to you and best reflect your relationship’s journey.


Our program is a great opportunity for you to grow even closer to one another while discussing your values, expectations, and dreams for your future together. Our program is impartial and non-religious, directed at couples of every age, ability, and sexual orientation. Our goal is to create inclusive and equal access to support and information that can significantly enhance lives and relationships. The content is organized into three 100-minute modules. We can arrange to meet on three separate days, each covering one module. Alternatively, we can schedule a half-day workshop—a day fully dedicated to your relationship! During the course, you will receive plenty of handouts to practice at home.
  • First session: In the first module, we will explore the expectations and needs that partners have in a relationship and how to express them in a helpful and non-threatening way. We will then move to a very important aspect of every relationship—the foundation, really—friendship.
  • Second session: In the second module, we will focus on managing conflict, specifically improving clear and assertive communication as well as expressing needs and using techniques helpful during conflict. We will also investigate different strategies that help couples in difficult times and make them resilient when problems arise.
  • Third session: The third module consists of two parts. The first part focuses on the subject of intimacy and maintaining a healthy and satisfying sex life. The second part is devoted to parenting, fertility, and kids. We will also discuss families of origin, exploring any potential difficulties.
The course fee is set at 400 euros, and a certificate of attendance is available if needed.
The course is led by our Certified Gottman Therapists Karolina Jurasik and Anna Nauka.
You can email us at for any questions or to book your date.
Important: The third part of this module is optional as we recognize that not all of the couples would share a dream of having children.

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Feedback from the couples

“We found it very enjoyable and helpful and look forward to reading back over all the material and applying it to our relationship and everyday life so we have a very happy marriage!!”

“We are so happy that we found this course! We value it’s practical side and the fact that we can use the knowledge we gained straight away. We would recommend it to anyone who would like to do something nice for themselves in the stressful time of wedding preparations’’

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I would like to sign up for the course. How can I organise it?

Just simply send us an email and we will contact you to arrange it! When booking an appointment we will ask you if you prefer to meet three separate times to work on each module or arrange a whole day workshop.

Is this course a group course?

No, it’s not. Our approach is one-to-two, which means that you meet us individually. This promotes an atmosphere of confidentiality, creates an opportunity for you to ask any questions or cover topics that interest you the most.

Is it possible to attend this course online?

Of course. As a matter of fact all our meetings take place online at the moment. If you would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting, please contact us to discuss options.

What does it mean that the content can be added or removed?

We are aware that every couple is different. That is why we are trying to adjust our content to your unique needs and story. The modules are based on our own experience of working with couples, as well as current research but we are happy to develop on topics you find are the most important or leave out the areas that are not relevant to you.

We are not planning to get married (or we are already married) and we would like to attend. Is it possible?

Of course, you are very welcome to! Even thought we are directing our programme to couples getting ready to marry, every relationship can benefit from enhancing friendship, looking at conflict styles or taking care of their sex life. It is important to remember that this is a course, where we focus on strengths and development rather than issues and therapeutic interventions.

How soon before getting married should a couple attend this course? (Right after getting engaged? In the run-up to the wedding itself

Couples can attend our course whenever they feel ready, really. What you can consider when making a decision would be time, availability and mental space for two partners, so the relationship can benefit the most out of the meetings. If you are still unsure, contact us and we will be happy to help you with your decision.

Is this course available in Polish?

We are currently working on Polish version of the course. At the moment presentations and handouts are only available in English but we are happy to talk you through the topics in polish during our sessions.